Why we?

At our place, we realize that not everyone's an IT expert.

We would like to know your needs, pause and think over solutions and let you lead in area of your competence through our solution. we will explain the process - clearly and simply - every step of the way. We will keep abreast every bit of information we need to share and deliver.

Each project is handled using our tried and tested RAPID methodology. At the start of the project, we ensure that a complete specification document is exchanged hands and all questions are answered.



Web site design company

Interaction :Development and deployment of the solution

RAPID is a five stage process which enables a seamless integration between the client and us. We work on understanding the business model, mapping it to understand your needs and delivering our understanding of your business needs through the most desired channels.

Requirement :We require a precise and to the point summary for understanding your needs better. This is even more important as we are based in India, and typically in any outsourcing contract, it is essential that requirements are spelled out clearly.

Analysis :We suggest changes and additions and deletion in order to come to a conclusion which would enhance value to the whole development. A quote is given at this point and acceptance taken from you.

Project scheduling and resource deployment : We work on scheduling the work and assign dedicated team on your projects. Each deadline is sacrosanct and met with diligence.

Interaction :When outsourcing, the key to better delivery is communication. We believe that unless updates are posted each day and reviewed, you would not be able to understand the progress and give feedback.

Development and deployment of your projects : RAPID development ensures that projects are finished on time and with quality and flair.

We strive hard to make each project and company have a meaningful existence on Internet. As a matter of fact, Digital Glow has also worked along with top corporate in Delhi and some leading advertising agencies also.